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In athletics, the importance of Home Team support cannot be overstated. The very same is true with CWMass FCA. Our kids and coaches are in the game, wondering if they are they are alone in their faith. Our coaches and athletes of faith need to know that we see them, we support them and that we are like-minded. FCA provides the perfect vehicle for the Body of Christ to get behind our coaches and athletes to support them and to show them that they are not alone.

Are you discouraged with the culture of sport in Central & Western Mass among coaches, athletes and parents?

Here is the opportunity to employ your gifts and talents with other like-minded professionals to build and establish a firm foundation for the world’s largest sports ministry in the world to grow in one of the most faith-challenged regions of the country.  You will be amazed at what God will do in our schools when the students are empowered to be agents of change.

Currently, Dan Barnes, the Multi-Area Director of Central & Western Mass, is inviting influential men and women of faith to serve alongside of him as he works to build the framework for ministry capacity to increase throughout Central & Western Massachusetts.

We understand that you are busy but serving with FCA is truly a family affair.  It will bring you closer to God as a family and will change your life as you see coaches and athletes lives transformed.

Dan’s heart and mission is to build the most diverse leadership team that God will allow.  Currently there are three board members, but we need more.

We are looking for the following skill sets within the diverse landscape that Massachusetts offers from millennials to retired professionals and everything in between:

  • Business Owners
  • Medical Executives & Doctors
  • Education Professionals
  • Lawyers
  • HR & Training Executives
  • Finance Executives
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals
  • Non-profit Leaders
  • Recruiters Professionals
  • Coaches
  • Pastors

Contact Dan Barnes are dbarnes@fca.org.

We are currently seeking Area Directors for Worcester and Springfield.

First step is to review the TEAM FCA page.  If you feel the Lord is calling you to sports ministry, feel free to review the job posting below.


For those who feel called to serve in full-time ministry and want to marry their love of sports with their passion for Jesus, this life-changing opportunity may be worth looking at.

Area Director Posting Here

All FCA positions in Central & Western Mass are missionary roles which means each of us are responsible for raising our own support revenue to cover salary and ministry expenses.

Volunteering with FCA can be a life changing decision for you and everybody you know who have sons and daughters in sports.

We just have a heart to engage, equip and empower coaches and athletes to be lights for Christ in and out of competition. 78% of all high school students participate in athletics. This presents a tremendous mission field.

If there is one thing that we want the community of believes to know, it is that FCA is not something that you or your kids join. It is something that you and your kids do. We serve God through sports and it will look differently from school to school, from community to community and from home to home.

Currently, we have some specific needs. Pray about lending your gifts and talents with FCA and contact Dan Barnes if you want to investigate any of the opportunities to serve below.

Central & Western Mass is looking for the following volunteers:

  • Administrative Assistant to the Multi-Area Director
  • Social Media Support
  • Huddle Coaches for the following schools. These are individuals who want to help the FCA Huddle Leaders at their schools reach maximum impact. Huddle Coaches will be trained and supported by FCA staff as they seek to support their respective campus huddles:
    • Fitchburg High School
    • Lunenburg High School
    • Leominster High School
    • Nipmuc Regional
  • Web Administration (WordPress)
  • Graphic Design
  • Marketing
  • Event Planning

Without committed volunteers, our ability to increase ministry capacity is deeply hindered.

Remember, FCA is about increasing the Kingdom of God through the influence of coaches and athletes. I have no doubt you will quickly see that your service is to Him and His children, not FCA.

Your gifts and talents can be used to their greatest potential in coordinating, planning, serving and supporting events. There are so many roles to fill when it comes to putting on events, it truly takes TEAMWORK to make events a model of EXCELLENCE.

This is where you walk alongside of student athletes and coaches, serving them, showing them that they are not alone. Watch this video to see the various volunteer roles that help FCA campus clubs maximize Kingdom impact in the most strategic mission field of our generation …at school.

Watch the Video Here

FCA is an inviting ministry. FCA is truly a “fellowship” of athletes, coaches, coach’s spouses, moms, dads, families and lovers of Christ. As an interdenominational outreach, our mission is not to take away from the church but to add to it. As the fellowship grows and others get invited in, we disciple new or young believers and encourage them to enter into the fellowship of the Church. FCA is committed to growing the Kingdom, not taking from it.

FCA of Central & Western Mass is a locally-funded, 501(c)(3) and is predominantly funded by local financial supporters. We do attract out of state investors who recognize Massachusetts as the next great mission field.

We also actively seek church mission support, one-time gifts, apply for grants and coordinate events, but the fact of the matter is that these revenue streams make up a very small portion of what we need to keep the ministry alive.

FCA offers a number of ways to support us whether by one-time gifts, stock gifts, planned giving, etc. A highly-desirable option is to join the “HOME TEAM”. The Home Team is made up of “Automatic Monthly Partners” (AMP). AMP donors commit to giving monthly by EFT or via credit card. These donors are the backbone and lifeblood of a ministry.

A GREAT WAY TO GET STARTED is to join the 300 CLUB which is a group of 300 people who commit to $25/mo.

Visit the Support Page

Referrals are vital to the continued growth of FCA. Do you know business leaders, individuals, coaches and athletes who love Jesus and love sports? We want to meet them to share the vision and mission of FCA.

Want Dan Barnes to speak to a community group about FCA?
Want to host a desert social for FCA in your home or church?

The message to share with others is simple: “I know of a great ministry to athletes and coaches that is bringing the gospel to our schools and communities through athletics right here in Central & Western Mass. You need to meet with Dan Barnes.”

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